Teams and Players

Managing teams and players with 4BAGR is quite simple. In this section we'll go over Team registration and roster management. Teams cannot be added or removed after a league schedule has been generated. You will need to delete the schedule, add/remove teams, then regenerate the schedule (careful, as this will reset the schedule and standings).

Team registration

There's 2 ways to register teams for your league: Manual Team creation or Player registration. Manual team creation would be where the organizer creates the teams and adds players to teams themselves. Player Registration is a setting that you can enable to allow players to register their own teams and add their partners (4BAGR recommended route)

Player Registration (Recommended)

Player Registration allows players to create their own team, add, and manage their own partners for the league. You, the organizer, have the ability to edit/remove any team registered for your league. You will still have the ability to add teams/players manually if necessary.

  1. Within 4BAGR: Navigate to your league settings screen
  2. Scroll down to 'Team Registration' - set this to 'Open'
  3. Players will now see a 'Join League' button on your league home screen

Your league will stop allowing players to register once the 'Max # of Teams' limit is reached (setting within league settings screen)

Manual Team Creation

Manual Team Creation is where the league organizer creates all teams and adds all players to the teams. In the league settings, there's a section for 'Team Registration' - if this is set to 'Closed', then you will need to manually add teams and players.

  1. Within 4BAGR: Navigate to your league
  2. Select 'Roster' from the tab bar
  3. Click 'Add Team'
  4. Set Team Name
  5. From Roster Screen, you can add/remove players for that team

Remember: Teams added by you can only be updated by you.

Editing a Team

As the organizer, you have the ability to update the name, handicap, and players of the team at any time. As mentioned above, you are unable to remove/add teams after the schedule is generated, so keep this in mind.

Edit Name/Handicap
  1. Within 4BAGR: Navigate to your League Standings Screen
  2. Select Team to Edit from the standings
  3. From the pop up modal, you can edit the team name and handicap
Edit Team Players
  1. Navigate to Roster Screen
  2. You will see a 'Trash' Icon to delete the team (only if schedule is not yet generated)
  3. You will see an 'Add Player' button if the team is not full
  4. You will see a red 'minus' icon next to the player name to remove them from the team