Creating a League

Getting started

It's time for the fun stuff! This guide will go over in detail how to use the Create League form. If you have not yet purchased a league, check out our Pricing page for more info.

First Things First:
  1. Open the 4BAGR app
  2. Open the app menu (top right)
  3. Select 'Create League'

Below, you will find a detailed explanation for every option within the Create League form:

League Name

This one is self explanatory for the most part. You'll want a descriptive league name so users can easily find it while using the League Finder search.

League Location

The location field is connected directly to Google Maps, meaning it should be able to find any registered address in their database. This is a required field necessary for league creation. Players can also search by this address when using League Finder.

Website & Facebook URL

The Website and Facebook URL's will display on your league info screen in the form of a button for users to navigate directly to your website or facebook page. Make sure to remember to add the 'https://' at the beginning of the URL so that these function properly.

League Description

The League description will display on your league info page in the app. This can be as long as you would like and generally is used by our organizers to describe and outline how the league will work and what is expected. You may put any kind of information that you would like in here and it will be formatted in the app exactly the way that it's displayed when you're finished.

League Organizer

As the admin (creator) of your league, you will always have admin access - meaning you have total control over scores, teams, settings, etc. Often times an admin will create their league but have a helper or another organizer that actually runs the league for them. This is where you will input that persons name (must be a 4BAGR registered user). Once you have designated an organizer, they too will have admin rights for your league and will be able to edit every aspect of the league. Make sure you trust who you're giving organizer rights to!

Entry Fee

The Entry Fee is the total cost per team for entry into the league. This is can be left at 0 if the entry is free. 4BAGR does NOT handle entry fees, so these must be collected outside of the app. This field will simply display in your league info screen as to give players an idea of cost of entry.

Start Date and Time

This will be the start date and time of your league (shocking, I know), meaning the schedule is built off of this date and time so make sure you have it right or you'll need to delete your schedule to update this!

Number of Weeks

The length in weeks that your league will run. If you run an 8 week league, but on the 8th week you run a tournament, then you'll want to set your week length to 7 so the schedule does not generate a league week on your tournament week.

Number of Courts

The number of boards that you'll run on a nightly basis. It's recommended to not have as many or more courts than total teams that could possibly play at one time (don't have 8 courts with only 12 teams), as this will mess up the round robin scheduling.

Number of Teams

This is the max amount of teams that you'd like your league to accept. If you set your league up to allow players to register their own teams, it will cap registration at the number you set for this field so that it doesn't overflow. You CAN start a league with fewer than the number of teams selected here, so don't worry if it doesn't fill up. Find more info on teams in the Teams and Players How-To.

Start Time Intervals

How often you'd like your next set of matches to be run. e.g.: If your interval is every 30 minutes and your start time is 6:00 pm, your next set of start times will go as follows: 6:30 pm, 7:00 pm, 7:30 pm, etc. Rule of thumb is 30 minutes per 3 game match.

Games Per Match

Total number of games to be played per match. If you want your league to run as a best of 3, this will be set to 3. Let your players know on league night that the matches are best of 3 so all 3 games do NOT have to be played if a team wins the first 2.

Matches Per Night

This is the amount of times you'd like every team to play per night. Common setups for a 4BAGR league are 2 or 3 matches per night where the games are a best 2 of 3.

Sort Standings

There's a few ways we allow organizers to sort their standings screens: Win %, Wins/Losses, Points For (points scored). These are all based on the individual games totals and not match totals.

  • Win %: Most common - Sorts standings by Win % and Points For is the tiebreaker
  • Win/Loss: Will sort the standings by wins, losses, then points for. Be careful, as the team with the most wins is not always the team with the best Win %.
  • Points For: Sorts by total points scored from all games

Players per team

You can have up to 8 players per team (great for crew cup leagues). Each player will have the ability to edit their match and game scores. Find more info on players in the Teams and Players How-To.

Team Registration

Team Registration defaults to closed, meaning only the organizer can add/remove teams. If you check this box, it will update to 'Open', meaning players can register their team for your league themselves as well as have the ability to add their own partner. Open Registration is the 4BAGR recommended route. This will cause less headache for you as you will not have to input all of the teams and players yourself. You can always delete or update teams and players that you do not want in the league.

Assign Courts

This option enables the ability for the organizer to add court assignments to matches from the schedule screen after the league schedule has been generated. You will then have the ability to assign courts individually or auto assign all of the courts on the schedule with the click of a button.

Allow Handicaps

Handicapping is built into 4BAGR if you so choose to use it. For detailed handicapping information please visit the Handicaps How-To page. Checking this box will display the max handicap that you'd like teams to achieve and enable the use of handicaps within your league. Handicaps are auto generated automatically after each game is submitted.


This section is strictly for vanity and as mentioned earlier, 4BAGR does not handle any in app payments between organizers and players. This section controls what is displayed on the league info page as your overall league payouts. You can add up to 10 payout spots and update the payouts from a percentage to a dollar value to display.